Here’s how it works:

  • You list your products or services for sale in our network of members.
  • You earn trade dollars on every sale to a member. You simply sell your product or service at your normal price, but the buyer pays in trade dollars. (We maintain and update the records of members' accounts.)
  • You spend your trade dollars on goods and services you need by purchasing them from other New Barter Networks members.
  • You will have a Trade Consultant assigned to your account to promote your business to other members and help you spend your trade dollars.

Imagine having an additional professional sales staff out there selling your products or services to companies that you aren’t doing business with. Add to that a personal broker who helps you get the things you need for yourself and your business, without using cash…and you have New Barter Networks.

No more one-on-one direct trades – where you must take back from the business that bought from you. That’s the beauty of organized trade with New Barter Networks and why it’s better. We have taken the standard type of direct trade transaction that businesses love and simplified the process to allow you to trade what you have for what you need.

New Barter Networks serves as a clearinghouse for its members’ transactions as well as a marketing agent for their businesses, generating new business for its clients. Like a bank, New Barter Networks tracks all transactions and provides monthly statements for its members. Sales are deposited into your account and purchases are deducted from your account. It’s just that simple.


The Trade Cycle Illustrated:

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Our Trade Consultants Work for You:

Our Trade Consultants are your account managers. They are assigned to your account to assist you with your needs and to promote your business. No matter if you’re looking for new customers, or a way to use your trade dollars wisely, our staff can assist you.

  • Word of Mouth: This is the most effective form of advertising your business. Our brokers are on the phones daily with our members. We promote your offerings to our members, finding out what their needs are, and helping to fill those needs. Our brokers become part of your sales force.
  • Online Membership Directory: Your business receives a free listing in our on-line membership directory that is easily accessible to members via our web site.
  • Daily Emails: When we get a last-minute deal, we send emails to our members who can react quickly. (This is a great way to move inventory or to fill last minute seats to an event, a game or the theater!)
  • Weekly Emails: On weekly basis, we promote our members' offerings through our email communications program. We continue to deliver exciting new offerings as they become available. Remember to always check your New Barter Networks emails. You'll never know what you're missing.
  • Regional and National Exposure: Our affiliations with other regional professional trade exchanges allow us to market your business to a huge audience of potential buyers.
  • In The News: When New Barter Networks makes headlines, so do our members. New Barter Networks is a great source for thoughts, ideas and information regarding the positive nature of barter to all media outlets. The more we continue to educate the public, the greater the trading opportunities that will be available for our members.

When a member finds you on our website or through our referral, he or she will contact you to make a purchase from your business. The seller then simply logs into our website (or uses our phone app) to record the sale transaction to get credit for the trade dollars he or she just earned.  The New Barter Networks trade dollars will immediately be transferred into your account for you to start spending with any other member.

Other Details:

  • Tax, tip and shipping, where applicable, are always paid to the seller in cash.
  • The seller will always process the transaction on our website or phone app. The buyer does not record transactions.
  • You're not limited to buying just from our network. You can spend trade dollars on travel and entertainment with over 150 barter companies worldwide. Our affiliation and membership in the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) makes it possible.
  • Trades can be conducted 24 hours a day through our website by using your computer or our free smartphone mobile app. (Search for "New Barter Networks" by Red Leaf Software in iPhone App Store or in Google Play.)


Are you ready to start trading with New England's premier professional trade exchange? Give us a call or email and learn how New Barter Networks can help your company profit today!

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