Plan options:

Our fee structure allows us to provide our members with the latest technology to make trading effortless. Our services for members include accounting, marketing and promoting your products and services, consultations in how to spend your trade dollars and more! We also keep detailed records of transactions to keep your accountants and the IRS happy.

Sort of like an employee of yours, our job is to bring you extra business by: 1) marketing your business to our members, and 2) helping you save cash by finding products and services for you to buy with your trade dollars. Each time we do our job and bring you new business, and you spend your New Barter Networks trade dollars, you will be billed a transaction fee on each purchase. In addition, we charge a small monthly administrative fee after you've tried us out for 3 months. Remember, business you get from us is NEW business from NEW clients over and above your standard cash clients. 

That’s all there is to it. A small enrollment fee when you join, a small transaction fee when you buy something, and a small administrative fee after you've tried us out for 3 months...





Our Plan includes...

State-of-the-art technology for trading, free advertising in our exchange, out of area trading opportunities through our affiliation with Universal Currency, and a dedicated Trade Consultant to help bring you customers and explore ways to spend your trade dollars.



Use a Line of Credit: If you'd like to get started spending trade dollars before you even earn them, we'll provide qualified members with a line of credit (in trade dollars) that you can use for the purchase of goods and services from other members. Just like a bank! Then, you simply pay off the loan by selling your products and services to other members!