What's New?
In a word... Everything!


We're changing everything to make your bartering experience more convenient, faster and more fun!


New Technology:

  • Online Directory. We've created an online directory to allow our members to easily browse or find other members for trading goods and services. 
  • Online Marketplace. We've added an online marketplace where members can display and sell their products and services to other members 24/7. Simply click and buy! Like classified ads for products and services, only better!
  • Gift Certificates. Order and buy gift certificates anytime!
  • National Buying Power. We've joined forces with other exchanges nationwide to offer our members access to a nationwide (and even worldwide) marketplace.
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone an Android). Our new FREE mobile app makes bartering easy. Now, you can barter on the go!
    • Member Directory: Browse or search our directory for members from your smartphone.
    • Product Marketplace: Browse or search our marketplace for specific products and services.
    • Instant gift certificates. Now you can use our Marketplace to buy a restaurant gift certificate from your smartphone and use it for lunch today... and more! Easily gifted to 3rd parties.
    • Instant authorizations! Now, when you sell your product or perform a service, you can get an instant trade authorization right from your smartphone. 
    • Find Nearby Restaurants and Businesses. Our free mobile smartphone app uses GPS info to let you know when you're near a member restaurant or other member businesses.
    • Account Information. Get up-to-the-minute account information and balances... instantly!


Everything else...

  • We're committed to growing our membership base to allow our members an ever-increasing selection of members to trade with.
  • We're committed to making your professional trading experience better than it's ever been.
Free iOS app...

Free iOS app...

Free Android app...

Free Android app...